Inka produce a wide range of products from real Atlantic salmon, and Norwegian Fjord Trout. Fine species of fish, cultivated in
fish farms along the Norwegian coast.

Our product is of the highest quality, and we have a continuous focus on quality assurance and a good hygienic environment in our production. Our employees are experienced, and use the newest and best equipment the industry has to offer. This ensures that the products we deliver consistently hold the same high standard.

We strive to run our business on a principle of sustainability, and we want to manage our wonderful resources in a proper, safe, and advisable manner. Our production process is designed to maximise utilisation of all parts of the fish. Cuts, heads, bones and skin are sorted and processed as bi-products, for example used in animal fodder or fish oils.

Produktbilde Laks

Salmon products

Produktbilde Ørret

Trout products