About Inka AS

Inka AS is a fish processing company with over 90 employees, located in Os, Norway.

We focus purely on the processing of fish, and provide our services on order from our clients. With extensive experience from the business, and experienced employees, we produce more than 40 different products – both fresh and frozen. The products are exported across the entire globe by our customers. Our yearly production capacity is around 5-6000 tons of finished product, a number that has increased steadily over the last few years.

We are concerned with development and effectivity. In cooperation with governments and our clients and suppliers, we continuously work on improving, assuring quality and developing new products – all with top modern machinery from leading suppliers.

Attention to quality and safe food is essential to Inka, and we have great systems in place to assure our quality, satisfying all Norwegian demands for certifications.
We are HAACP approved, certified Kosher, and certified in accordance with BRC, Global Gap and ASC.

bilde fra inka
Fresh fillet of salmon

Our focus on good raw material and good quality assurance makes us confident that our products holds top class.

We strive to run our business on a principle of sustainability, and we want to manage our resources in a proper, safe, and advisable manner. Our production process is designed to maximise utilisation of all parts of the fish. Cuts, heads, bones and skin are sorted and processed as bi-products, for example used in animal fodder or fish oils.




Inka AS was founded by Karsten Austevoll in the fall of 2002 – but the story started way before that.

The Austevoll family has lived off the oceans for generations. Already at the humble age of 13, Karsten headed out to sea – on the sprat fishing boat «Leiholm». 
In 1973 he got his own boat, the purse seine boat «Terten», which later was transformed into a standby vessel for the petroleum industry.

In 1983, Karsten and his brother Øystein, started the planning of the salmon and trout slaughter facility Gje-Vi AS. The winter of 1984, they started up in Gjelevika, and worked closely with local suppliers and exporters. Karsten became the sole owner in 1998.

The fall of 2002, Karsten Austevoll started Inka AS, to process Atlantic salmon and rainbow trout.The quality of their work did not go unnoticed, and in 2006 the partnership with Seaborn was a reality. There has been a steady growth for the business ever since.

Inka supports its local community

Inka’s local connection is something we are very proud of. We ensure a close dialogue with the community around us, and maintain a strong focus towards avoiding pollution, emissions and noise.

Inka is located in beautiful surroundings, and we want to be as closely connected to our surrounding area as possible. Inka AS is also an active player in several local organizations, sports teams and events, and provide support through economic sponsorships, or with product samples. This is a part of our vision to give something back to the local community, and to support positive initiatives and activities in our area.

Inka AS is a proud sponsor of IL Øyglimt, Søre Øyane Kindergarten, Osfest, Nore Neset IL and Redd Barna Cup, to name a few.