Processing of Norwegian salmon and trout

- World wide distribution

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Processing norwegian salmon and trout

- worldwide distribution

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Fish processing

Inka AS is a family business with a long history of processing norwegian salmon and trout on the western coast of Norway.

We focus purely on the production of salmon and trout, and from the fish that is delivered to us, we produce more than 40 different products – both fresh and frozen. The products are exported across the entire globe by our customers.

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We strive to run our business on a principle of sustainability, and we want to manage our resources in a proper, safe, and advisable manner.

Collaborators and certificates

A dedication to quality and safe food is essential for us, and we we have great systems in place to assure our quality, satisfying all Norwegian demands for certifications. Inka is certified according to British standard BRC. In addition we are HACCP approved and certified Kosher. Inka is also registered with the American FDA, US Food and Drug administration. This guarantees you that our products are of high standard.



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Røtingavegen 244
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