Our vessels

Inka AS has two vessels in service, performing various assignments for the fish farming industry and pelagic fish industry

MS "Fjordboy" LLFN

Carrying pelagic fish along the west coast of Norway.
Inka AS Bilde
Type Fish transport vessel
Length 21 m
Width 5 m
Motor 280 hk
Speed 7,5 knots
Cargo space 65 m3

MS «Fjordboy» performs various assignments for the fish farming industry, as well as carrying mackerel, herring and sprat along the western coast of Norway. The fish on board is cooled by ice. The vessel is equipped with certified and approved raking weight.

Ringaskjær LCCX

Fishing vessel for carrying pelagic fish along the Norwegian coast.
Inka AS Bilde
Type RSW fish transport vessel
Length 42,37 m
Width 7.63 m
Gross tonnage 434
Net tonnage 130
Engine 625 kW
Speed 10 knots
Tanks 6 RSW
Cargo space 430 m3

«Ringaskjær» is a Refrigerated Sea Water (RSW) vessel that carries out various assignments for the fish farming industry , as well as carrying pelagic fish from the coastal fleet along the entire Norwegian coast. The types of fish it carries are mackerel, herring, sprat and capelin.

«Ringaskjær» is equipped with a certified and approved measuring vessel. The boat is also very well suited for shipping different types of cut.